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AQVA Sanitary Wares, Turkey Sanayi, that changes its name for manufactoring sanitary tapeware in 2012, is the address of condifence and experience. Our company have improved continosly their works for the water, that is most important element in human life. We have adopted quality and continuity service as a principle. In accordance with this purpose, the company presents bathroom and kitchen tapeware which is manufactured in its own facilities to you respectable customers. AQVA Sanitary Wares, Turkey , which has 1 million item/year manufacturing capacity, has continued their activities in domestic and foreign. For the present we have exported our products proudly to Europe Countries, North African Countries, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Turkish Republics.
With a 30 year experience in the sector SUART Armatur Ltd. Sti. was established in 2009 adopted the target of being one of the leading manufacturers of bathroom and kitchen armatures. Combining our deep-rooted history with SUART brand we made a point of reaching the prestigious position among the domestic manufacturers with assimilating into “superfine”. Suart takes firm steps towards of being one of the leading suppliers of the sector by evaluating the requests of foreign countries besides of Turkish construction sector with high quality water armatures. By not remaining unfulfilled we crowned this by getting EN 817 and EN 200 quality certificates of Turkish Standards Institution. Furthermore we added a new one to our steps by qualifying to get ISO 9001:2008 in 2010. The profession of SUART Armatur includes mix taps and tap mixers, classic series taps and tap mixers with byproducts. We present different models and solutions with our product range which can be used in bathroom, shower, lavatory and kitchens. Our sales increase day by day thanks to our efforts to carry out our basic working principles and preserve of “High Quality”, “High Tech Production” and “Limitless Service” perception. Starting to export in 2011, our company exports to 5 countries under SUART brand for now. Artsu products are sold at many wholesale points and retail stores nationwide in Turkey.
Starting with exports of plumbing supplies in Turkey we continue manufacturing under Rivana name in 2017. We are RIVANA Company mixer and faucet manufacturing in Turkey. As RIVANA ARMATUR, we provide service to our customers both in Turkey and abroad under its own logo with quality and reasonable price. As a company, we are proud to contribute to our country by exporting 90% of our products abroad. Working with dealership network with many countries, our company is always happy to work with new market and business partners.